Video: Big Buzzards Bay Bass


The period from mid-May to mid-June is typically the best time to find large stripers in Buzzards Bay, and you don’t need heavy gear to catch them.

The fish, which are filtering through the region and heading north, often gang up in shallow coves and flats of the upper bay, feeding on sand eels, silversides, squid, herring and other baitfish. The action on topwater plugs, soft-plastics and flies can be world-class, but these fish are on the move, which means you may have to search around to find them on a day-to-day basis.

As you can see in the accompanying video, the schools often hold a mix of bass ranging from 20 inches up to 35 pounds, which keeps things interesting, to say the least. And nothing tops the thrill of watching a large striper chasing a plug before inhaling it just a few feet from the boat!

Watch another video of fishing for spring stripers in Upper Buzzards Bay: