Video: Herring Heroes


On Tuesday, April 26, New England Boating traveled to the town of Pembroke, Massachusetts, to witness the cooperative efforts of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, members of the North South Rivers Watershed Association (NSRWA), recreational fishermen and other environmentally concerned citizens as they pitched in to help thousands of blueback herring reach their freshwater spawning grounds.

The herring were stacked up below a dilapidated dam at Upper Mill Pond (also known as Glover Mill Pond), where a flood 2 years ago had wiped out a temporary fish ladder once used by the herring to swim upstream. Each year these herring travel from Cape Cod Bay into Scituate’s North River, then up through a system of bogs and into tiny, shallow Herring Brook. It’s a remarkable journey.

For the past several years, the Mass. Division of Marine Fisheries and local volunteers have scooped up the herring of Herring Brook and transported them by tanker truck to their spawning grounds in Oldham Pond. A new fish ladder is scheduled for installation this summer to the tune of $250,000, but many people feel that removal of the dam would be the easiest and best solution.

To learn more about the herring of Herring Brook and the North and South Rivers in general, check out the North South Rivers Watershed Association website.

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