Video: How to Splice Double-Braided Line

Knowing how to splice double-braided line is useful when you want to create a loop in one end for a dock line, halyard, or to fit a piece of hardware. In this video, Kevin Coffey, formerly of R&W Rope-Rigging Solutions, walks the viewer through the steps of creating a double-braid loop for half-inch nylon dock line using Sampson tubular fids.


Step 1.

Measure one full fid length from the end of the line and mark the line at the end of the fid.

Step 2.

Form the size of the eye, or loop, desired.

Step 3.

Make another mark on the standing part of the line directly opposite the first mark.

Step 4.

From the second mark, measure up the standing part of the line one long fid length (2/3 of the full fid) and make another mark on the line.

Step 5.

Tie a slip knot in the line roughly 5’ from the last mark.

Step 6.

Bend the line at the second mark and use the sharp end of a fid to pull back the outer strands of the cover to expose the core.

Step 7.

Grasp the core and pull it out of the cover.

Step 8.

Gently “milk” or smooth out the line to remove slack.

Step 9.

Lay the 2 lines (core and cover) side by side.

Step 10.

Mark where core exits the cover.

Step 11.

Measure up the core one short fid length and mark around the circumference of the line.

Step 12.

From that mark, measure up the line one full fid length, plus a short fid length, and mark around the circumference of the core.

Step. 13.

The core will now enter the cover at the very first mark made on the cover. To do this, insert a fid into the cover and stuff the end of the core into the hollow end of the fid, securing it with electrical tape.

Step 14.

Gently slide the fid through the cover and exit at the last mark made on the cover, being careful not to capture the other half of the core once you reach the junction where the core exits the cover.

Step 15.

Take the cover and put it into the core. To do this, insert a fid into the core at the first mark you made on the core.

Step 16.

Stuff the end of the cover into the hollow end of the fid and secure with electrical tape.

Step 17.

Push the fid through the core and exit at the second mark on the core.

Step 18.

Remove both fids from the lines.

Step 19.

Tighten the “crossover” section by pulling the end of the core and the end of the cover in opposite directions.

Step 20.

Remove slack by milking the cover.

Step. 21.

Mark where the core exits the cover and cut off the excess core at the mark with sharp shears.

Step. 22.

Unbraid and fan out the end fibers of the core and trim at a 45-degree angle to create a tapered end.

Step 23.

Do the same thing to the cover end of the line.

Step 24.

Firmly grasp the end of the crossover joint in one hand and gently “milk” the line to draw the cover into the core. Do the same on the other side of the joint to draw the core back into the cover.

Step 25.

Place the slip knot loop on a fixed object and extend the line.

Step 26.

Placing one hand inside the eye, or loop, of the splice, roll the line as you create tension to draw the excess line into the cover. As you roll the line, continue to milk slack out of the cover with your free hand.

Step 27.

Flex the joint back and forth so that the thick crossover joint (and all the marks made on the line) can be fully drawn into the cover. This may take several attempts at stretching, flexing and milking the line.