Video: How to Tie the Arbor Knot


Filling a reel with fresh line is a pretty basic task, but many anglers find themselves flummoxed when faced with securing the line to the reel spool. The solution, of course, is the arbor knot. The arbor knot is useful because it allows you to trim the tag end of the knot before cinching in down against the spool, making for a low-profile connection. It may not be the strongest knot in the world, but my feeling is that any fish strong enough to take all of my line wins, plain and simple.

When tying the arbor knot with slick braided line, many anglers add a wrap of tape around the reel spool to provide a grippy surface. Otherwise the line can slip around the spool when you try to wind on line.


  • Pass the end of the line around the spool.
  • Tie an overhand knot around the standing section of line, leaving at least 6 inches of tag end.
  • Cinch the overhand knot around the standing section.
  • Tie an overhand knot in the tag end.
  • Trim the tag end close to the second overhand knot
  • Pull on the standing line to close the knot and cinch it down against the reel arbor.