Video: Maine Celebrates Boating Heritage at Maine Boatbuilders Show


Saying the Maine Boatbuilders Show is just a boat show is like describing a lobster dinner as just “supper.” There’s no show quite like it, with an atmosphere thick with Down East spirit and enough gorgeous traditional Maine vessels to satisfy any boating fan’s palate.

When we at New England Boating attended the show in Portland, Maine, last Friday, March 18, the boating season was in the air, as temperatures climbed into the 60s with sunny skies above. The crowds of people in attendance enjoyed a show that was distinctly Maine.

The event was held in an old, brick-walled locomotive railroad foundry instead of a glitzy civic center with shiny floors and velvet ropes. Rather than giant luxury yachts, boat builders showed off a gorgeous collection of traditional Maine fiberglass and wooden boats, including lobsterboats, sailboats, wooden kayaks, row boats and more.

If you weren’t able to attend the Maine Boat Show — or you just want to relive it — check out our video from the show.

And don’t forget to make your plans to attend next year’s show.

Maine Boatbuilders Photo Showcase by Joe Devenney