Video: Mass. Maritime Academy 2014 Boat Sale Preview


Check out some of the pre-owned sailboats, powerboats, dinghies, skiffs, outboards, trailers and more that are up for grabs at the 2014 sealed-bid auction and boat sale held by the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA). The sale will take place, rain or shine on November 22 and 23 at the Cape Cod Joint Military Base (formerly Otis Air Force Base) in Bourne. Several boats are also located off-site, and can be viewed upon appointment.

Mass. Maritime Academy 2014 Boat Sale PreviewIn addition to offering great deals, the auction raises money to support MMA’s boating programs. As MMA’s Yacht & Boat Donation Program Director Chuck Fontaine explains, owners who donate their boats and equipment to the school for auction receive several benefits.

Chief among the benefits are:

  • Tax Benefits: MMA is a charitable organization, and donated items receive a tax deduction. The amount depends on how the donated item is used or what it sells for at the auction.
  • Financial freedom from the costs of boat maintenance and storage. Also, if MMA accepts the donation, it will pick up and transport the boat.
  • Satisfaction from knowing the boat itself or the proceeds are being used to educate young men and women.

During the 2-day auction, bidders can examine the boats and then submit a sealed bid, accompanied by a deposit. MMA reserves the right to reject low bids based on the assessed value of the item, but often negotiates with the highest bidder to arrive a satisfactory price.

For more on the auction, including directions, go to 2014 Sealed Bid Sale.

To view the entire listing of boats, go to Maritime Boat Inventory.