Video QuickTip: Piranha Propellers


Last February we stopped by the AccuTech Marine Propeller booth at the New England Boat Show to chat with owner Larry Kindberg about the benefits of Piranha composite propellers. We should point out that Kindberg is an authorized Piranha dealer, as well as a New England Boating sponsor; however, that doesn’t diminish his considerable expertise in the field of propellers. If he stands behind a product, that’s good enough for us!

As Kindberg explains in the accompanying video, Piranha Propellers, which are made of a product called Verton and have been around since 1989, offer numerous benefits. One is that you can replace the individual blades if they become damaged. The blades sell for around $22, and are very easy to replace, even on the water. You can even re-pitch your prop in minutes for handling different loads and uses.

Piranha also offers a lifetime unconditional guarantee on the prop hub, so the most you’d need to spend to replace the entire prop would be $66. Also, the hub has no rubber bushing, so there’s no need to worry about a spun prop.

The high tensile strength (42,000 psi) of the Verton blades absorb the impact energy of a hard strike, reducing damage to the lower unit. Ease of repair and reduction in lower-unit damage are 2 reasons why the Coast Guard, the Navy and various state Fish & Wildlife agencies—not to mention boat-rental companies—like Piranhas. If you boat and fish in rock-infested waters, Piranhas seem like a pretty good deal.

In terms of performance, Piranha’s composite props are similar to aluminum props, and are priced about the same. For example, a 3-blade prop for a 120- to 300-hp outboard runs $140 to $160, about the same as an aluminum model.

The newest product from Piranha (also shown in the video) is a 4-blade design aimed at high-performance boats. The blades features special ribs designed to hold the water on the blade for better performance.

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