Video QuickTip: Velox Plus Protects Propellers, Running Gear


New England Boating’s Tom Richardson stopped by the AccuTech Marine Propellers booth at the 2011 New England Boat Show and spoke with owner Larry Kindberg about the challenges of protecting your prop and running gear from marine fouling organisms. As many boat owners know, protecting metal parts that sit idle in saltwater from barnacles, algae and marine worms isn’t easy, since regular bottom paints don’t adhere to metal very well. The best solution, says Kindberg, is a relatively new product called Velox Plus (AccuTech is the Northeast distributor of Velox Plus).

Imported from Europe and distributed throughout the U.S. by ZF Marine, Velox Plus is an antifouling paint that can be used on running gear of any metal, including bronze, stainless steel, nibral and aluminum. According to the manufacturer, the paint is resistant to galvanic currents, which allows it to stick to metal, and will last for up to 3 seasons. Once the etching primer coat is applied, Velox can be brushed or sprayed onto propellers, struts, rudders, lower units, and trim tabs, and dries in 1 to 3 hours. Boats can typically be launched within 24 hours of painting.

Velox Plus is available in quarter- and half-liter sizes in white, grey and black. Kindberg says that a half-liter of Velox Plus and primer will cover all the running gear on a typical twin-engine boat and sells for under $200.

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Velox Plus

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Application Instructions:

  1. Sand down the metal surface with fine sandpaper (80 – 100 grit) or sand-blast to the specified surface roughness.
  2. Remove dust and dirt with a cloth or brush. Do not use solvent for cleaning, as the adhesive effect can seriously diminish the durability of the paint.
  3. For removing oil or grease, use Solvent 102 Antisilicone or acetone. If necessary, the propeller may be cleaned with the recommended cleaner or acetone after roughening it with sandpaper.
  4. Once the surface has been roughened and is free of dust, apply a coat of the metal primer supplied (drying time approx. 8 hours).
  5. After approx. 8 hours, apply coats of VELOX PLUS. Drying time between coats approx. 6 hours. Apply 2-3 coats depending on the degree of fouling in your waters. For optimum effect, observe the interval times between coats closely.

Drying time:

  • Dust-free after 30 minutes
  • Dry to touch after 2 hours
  • Can be painted over after 6 hours

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