Video QuickTour: Hingham, Massachusetts


Hingham, located just south of Boston, Massachusetts, is ideally situated for boaters seeking fast, convenient access to Boston Harbor, the beautiful 251-acre World’s End reservation, great fishing opportunities, scenic kayaking spots and more.

There’s plenty to do and see on shore, as well, including many good restaurants and shops near the waterfront, as well as in Hingham Square, a short walk from the public landing, launch ramp and marinas. West of the harbor, on the Weymouth River, is Shipyard Marina, part of a brand-new shopping/entertainment complex on Hewitts Cove. Visitors can also visit the Hingham Historical Society and the Old Ship’s Church—the oldest continually operating house of worship in America.

On the natural side, World’s End is a wonderful place to explore via bike or on foot. Bordering the eastern edge of the inner harbor, the peninsula is owned and managed by The Trustees of Reservations. There are numerous places to beach a kayak or dinghy and go ashore here, and Hingham manages transient moorings on the east side of the peninsula that rent for $35 a night.

And for a truly unique experience, spend the night on nearby Grape or Bumkin Island, both part of Harbor Island National Park. Boaters can arrange for a mooring or anchor just offshore and access the wooded interior via the park-provided dinghy or beach their own dinghies or kayaks along the shore.

Nature, history, sailing, fishing, dining and shopping — you’ll find it all in Hingham.

Editor’s Note: In the voiceover to this video I twice used the word “east” when I should have said “west.” (See if you can pick it up). I apologize for any confusion this caused. — Tom Richardson, Editor