Video: The M5000 Fuel-Injector Tester/Cleaner

The M5000 Fuel Injector Tester-Cleaner

This winter, Bass River Marina on Cape Cod took delivery of a new device that tests and cleans the high-tech fuel injectors on modern marine engines. Known simply as the M5000, the unit allows the Bass River technicians to analyze and clean injectors in-house, without having to send them to a third party. This means faster turnaround on engine repairs, which means their customers get to spend more time on the water. The need for this type of device is especially timely, given the problems caused by today’s ethanol-blended fuels that often clog injectors with deposits.

As you’ll see in the accompanying video, using the M5000 is relatively straightforward. The injectors are removed from the engine and hooked up to electrodes that fire the injectors as a solution is run through the system. The technicians can view the spray pattern and monitor the amount of “fuel” passing through each injector by examining the clear cylinders. This tells them if a particular injector is clogged or faulty. The M5000 can also be set to run an injector at a specific rpm to help diagnose a problem.

After the injectors are tested, the filters are removed and the injectors are placed in an ultrasonic cleaning bath while being fired by the M5000. Then new filters are installed and the injectors are re-tested to make sure they are performing correctly.



To learn more about this time- and cost-saving device, contact Bass River Marina; (508) 394-8341.