Video: Tying a Dropper Loop Knot


The dropper loop knot can be used to make several different kinds of bottom rigs for targeting cod, haddock, sea bass, fluke, winter flounder, tautog and other New England bottom fish. In the accompanying video we’ll show you how to tie a dropper loop for attaching various “droppers” or “teasers” via a loop-to-loop (figure 8) connection. A larger dropper loop than the one shown can be tied by adjusting the size of the initial loop when creating the knot. This larger loop can then used to attach small jigs, teasers and bare hooks directly to the leader.

Step 1:

Take a long (at least 36”) heavy piece of mono or fluorocarbon leader and form a large loop in the middle.

Step 2:

Holding the loop open with the fingers of both hands, grasp the right “leg” of the loop and wrap it over and around the tag end of the leader. By doing so you’ll form a smaller loop inside the larger loop. You’ll need to use the thumb, index and middle fingers of both hands to grasp all parts of the line during this process.

Step 3:

Continue wrapping the newly created smaller loop of line around and through the larger loop using both thumbs. Do this 3 to 4 times.

Step 4:

Push the larger loop through the smaller loop using your right thumb.

Step 5:

Grasp the standing and tag ends of the leader and pull in opposite directions to close the knot. It often helps to secure the loop to some type of stationary object, such as a screw, nail or hook, as you cinch the knot.

Once you get good at tying the dropper loop, you’ll learn how to adjust the size of the initial loop to achieve the desired finished loop size.

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