Video: Woods Hole Winter Cruise


Wood Hole Winter Cruise, Photo by Tom Richardson
Wood Hole was filled with ice this winter. Photo by Tom Richardson

Nothing like a winter cruise to make one appreciate the summer! New England Boating’s Tom Richardson took a short ride through Woods Hole, MA, on a recent seal- and seabird-watching excursion hosted by the Buzzards Bay Coalition, and got a firsthand view of how the frigid weather has affected this heavily traveled body of water.

Even though recreational boats are missing from the scene, work continues on the water, with Coast Guard crews repositioning buoys and ferries steaming to and from Martha’s Vineyard. And there are animals enjoying the water, among them seals, gulls and various waterfowl. Here’s a quick look at Woods Hole in the depths of winter.

If you’d like to join one of the Buzzards Bay Coalition’s winter seal and seabird-viewing trips, go to and click on Discover Your Bay. The trips run through mid-March, weather permitting.