VT Fish & Wildlife Board Proposes Fishing Regulation Changes

Two men fishing in rural Vermont. | Photo by Ryan Quick, Flickr.com

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board is seeking public input on a number of proposed fishing regulation changes that could go into effect starting in 2018.

Among the proposed changes are:

  • Simplifying regulations on the Missisquoi River for muskellunge and year-round fishing.
  • Expanding the Little River two-trout bag limit to the section between the Route 2 bridge and Waterbury Reservoir Dam.
  • Making the existing Dog River test water designations for catch and release trout fishing into permanent regulations.
  • Changing the catch and release trout regulation on the Batten Kill to include an “artificial lures and flies” gear restriction, similar to the Dog River.
  • Simplifying the Clyde River regulations and expanding its catch and release season for salmon to include September and October.
  • Establishing rules against snagging fish.
  • Creating a new definition of “immediate control” for ice fishing.
  • Moving existing language related to commercial angling into a new section.
  • Expanding the “legal method of take” for fish to include spear gun and cross bow on a limited number of species.
  • Implementing new bags limits on bowfin, redhorse sucker and longnose gar.
  • In addition, an angling group is proposing from September 1 to October 31 on the Clyde River from Lake Memphremagog upstream to the West Charleston dam, that angling be restricted to fly fishing with floating line, unweighted leader and one unweighted artificial fly with a single hook.

The Board will be hosting four public hearings to gather comments on the proposals, and will accept written comments through May 17, 2017.

The hearings start at 6:30 p.m., and the schedule is as follows: Tuesday, May 2 in Newport at the Emory Hebord State Office Building; Wednesday, May 3 in Rutland at Rutland High School; Thursday, May 4 in Montpelier at the Pavilion Building at 109 Main Street; and Tuesday, May 9 in St. Albans at the St. Albans Town Education Center.

To submit questions or comments to the Board, email fwinformation@vermont.gov.

To learn more about the proposed regulation changes, the public hearing schedule, or the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board, visit the “Fish & Wildlife Board” page under the “About Us” section.