VT Trout Hatcheries Prepare for Spring Stocking

IMG_4100 (1)
A stocked rainbow trout caught on the Black River in Cavendish, VT [2014] photo courtesy of Cole Phillips

Burlington Free Press: A thick mantle of ice may still cover Vermont’s lakes and ponds and even many of its rivers. But with opening day of trout season only 2 weeks away, it already looks a lot like spring at the state’s fish hatcheries.

Vermont’s 5 fish culture stations are brimming with hundreds of thousands of fish that will be stocked in the months to come, as well as more recently hatched fish slated to be released next year that need to be moved into larger raceways and rearing ponds as soon as possible.

“There’s an awful lot going on” at the hatcheries, said state fish culture chief Adam Miller.

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