Weego 44 & 66 Jump Starting Power Packs

 Weego’s Weego 44 and Weego 66 portable jump-starting power packs now feature 10% more true cranking amps than previous versions.

The Weego 66 now offers 660 cranking amps (2500 peak amps), while the Weego 44 offers 440 cranking amps (2100 peak amps). Both models also feature AutoBoost technology. With AutoBoost, maximum power is automatically sent to dead batteries (batteries down to 1/2 volt) without an override button that can compromise safety.

The Weego 66 will start larger gas engines and small diesel engines, but can work on any vehicle. Both models feature outlets that allow them to charge anything from phones to laptops, power 12V tools and accessories, as well as a powerful LED light and charge-level indicator.


Weego 44: $150

Weego 66: $200

For more information, visit www.myweego.com.