Whale Protection Group Pushes for MA Nuke Plant Investigation

Right Whales, photo/NOAA

The International Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS), the Massachusetts-based Jones River Watershed Association (JRWA) and Pilgrim Watch are calling for an investigation of possible pollution impacts on North Atlantic right whales caused by Entergy’s Pilgrim nuclear reactor in Plymouth, Massachusetts, following recent whale sightings about a half-mile off Entergy’s plant on Cape Cod Bay. On April 17, 3 North Atlantic right whales were spotted near the Pilgrim reactor.

Since it began operating in 1972, Entergy’s nuclear station has been discharging up to 510 million gallons per day of polluted cooling water into Cape Cod Bay in the same area of the western shore where whales are being seen. The known pollutants include chlorine, biocides and water that is up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The conservation groups claim that newer, cleaner methods of cooling the plant are now available, and that upgrades should be made.

Pine duBois of the JRWA says that “Entergy’s operations cause unacceptable damage to our fisheries and the ecosystem that supports all marine life including the great whales and the plankton and fish they eat for food. There are alternatives to the operating methods Entergy is using that are less harmful and those should be implemented now.”

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International Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society


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