WipeOut Eraser: Still Cleaning Strong!

We first heard about the WipeOut Eraser from our friend Lou Gainor of NauticalTalk Radio, who saw the product at the 2010 Newport International Boat Show. Since then we’ve used them extensively, for all sorts of cleaning duties, and can vouch for their amazing ability to remove scuffs from many marine surfaces.

The WipeOut Eraser uses “NaNoFibers” (whatever those are) to remove scuff marks, stains, and dirt from plastic, vinyl, ceramic, metal and fiberglass surfaces. Just add water, soapy or not. The product does not rely on chemicals, and can be stored indefinitely.

We’ve used the WipeOut Eraser to clean hulls, cushions, fenders, shore-power cables, hoses and more—and it really works! The main drawback is that the pads tear easily, so they don’t last very long, especially if used on rough surfaces, such as nonskid. Other than that, we found them to be very effective.



  • Double pack (2 pads) w/ handle: $11.95

For more information, or to order, visit the WipeOut Eraser website.