Wolfie’s Carbon Guitar

David "Wolfie" Wolfe, left, performs with fellow Burr Brothers workers and musicians Mike Bartholomew and Raven York. Photos by ##https://newenglandboating.com/author/tom## Tom Richardson##

David “Wolfie” Wolfe is one of those creative types you find at just about every boat yard. A composites expert at Burr Brothers in Marion, Massachusetts, Wolfie is also a musician who has played the guitar since he was a teenager.

The famous carbon-fiber guitar.

Some 10 years ago he was working on a high-tech, carbon-fiber racing yacht at nearby Concordia Yachts in Dartmouth, Mass., when he happened to kick one of the bulkheads. The sound it produced set his musical gears in motion, and he decided to make a guitar out of the material.

The fact that he had never before built a musical instrument didn’t phase Wolfie a bit. He could build boats, after all…why not a guitar? He applied his boatbuilding skills to the task, factoring in load and stress points, and made a mold from which he cast the body of the instrument.

The result is an acoustic guitar that not only looks unique, it produces a deep, rich sound. In fact, Wolfie often plays the instrument when rehearsing with The Clams, a rock group featuring Morgan Douglas (of Black Dog Tall Ships) on drums, Raven York on vocals and Mike Bartholomew on lead guitar (York and Bartholomew also work at Burr Brothers).

Check out the accompanying video to see—and hear—more about Wolfie’s creation.


Photo Details

Guitar detail 1.
Guitar detail 2.
Closeup of the carbon-fiber material.


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