Writer Embarks on Route 6 Blog Trip

New England Boating contributing writer Malerie Yolen Cohen has embarked on an epic road trip along US Route 6, which runs from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to Long Beach, California.

Malerie Yolen Cohen

Malerie will be driving, blogging and collecting information for a Route 6 Travel Guidebook. As she makes her way across the country, she’ll reveal some of the interesting places to visit along the highway, including restaurants, hotels, motels, B&Bs, boutiques, vineyards, bowling alleys and more.

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Stay on Route 6

Here’s Malerie’s first blog entry from last weekend:

US Route 6

“I left Provincetown, heading west on 6A rather than the more interstate-like “Mid-Cape Highway” 6. 6A was the original route and parallels the swifter moving Route 6 here but takes you through a parallel universe that hasn’t left the 1950’s. It’s worth it to drive slowly just to soak in the old shacks and cottages.

“6A winds through salt marsh and dunes for about 8 miles before you reach the town of Truro where 6A merges with 6. I spent a few minutes in the Vineyards and Atlantic Spice:

Truro Vineyards;  11 Shoreline Rd @ Route 6A, Truro, MA, 508-487-6200, I love these Mom and Pop vineyards, and this one has the benefit of coastal views. Pick up a trademarked bottle of Truro White it’s in the shape of a lighthouse. Worth the purchase for the ocean-blue bottle alone, though the wine is decent, too.

Atlantic Spice; Intersection of Route 6 and 6A, Truro, MA; Enter this pedestrian blue warehouse and you’re hit with a wonderful olfactory experience. A spice-herb-tea-potpourri emporium, if Atlantic Spice doesn’t have it, it probably doesn’t exist. A nice quick stop if you’ve been looking for a huge sack of cloves or 50-ct. bags of Spearmint Tea.

Video samples from road:


Hallet’s Soda Fountain


Heritage Museums

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