Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore Outboard

Yamaha’s new V8 XTO Offshore outboard offers extreme power and thrust, toughness and reliability, system integration, control, convenience and customer care.

The 4-stroke powerhead features a direct-injection system that sprays fuel at high pressure directly into the combustion chamber, rather than the intake track, just before the intake valve. The result is improved atomization and fuel burn for maximum power and efficiency, according to Yamaha. The DI system features 5 fuel pumps that produce injection pressure up to 2900 PSI. The 3-stage fuel-pressure system relies in part on 2 independent fuel pumps within the vapor separator tank (VST) that activate at specific, individual RPM, to ensure proper fuel flow and delivery, even at very high RPM.

The XTO Offshore also boasts a compression ratio of 12.2:1 for improved efficiency and power.

Special propellers were created to complement the torque potential of the new engine by producing more thrust in both forward and reverse, using diameters from 16” to 17⅛”. The increased blade surface area is designed for moving big boats. Thanks to a new exhaust-gas relief system, V8 XTO Offshore propellers bite clean water in reverse, which helps yield reverse thrust up to 300% of that developed by Yamaha’s F350. That means easy maneuvering and more control in docking.The outboard’s In-Bank Exhaust features intake tracks that enter the cylinder head from outside the powerhead, giving exhaust gases a more direct route to the lower unit and propeller hub.

In addition to an oversized gearcase, hardened gears, and motor mounts, the XTO Offshore features plasma-fusion technology for durability and reduced weight. The outboard also boasts a 2-stage water pump and dual-chamber oil pump, each designed to respond to the heavy loads associated with high RPM operation.

Dual overhead, endurance-driven camshafts on each cylinder bank are connected via a self-tensioning chain immersed in an oil bath for accurate valve timing and long life, delivering quiet and precise connection for proper and consistent valve timing.

Carbon-coated, shimless, bucket-type valve lifters also increase durability, while a dual-chamber oil pump ensures proper oil flow and delivery at all speeds.

Plasma fusion replaces conventional steel cylinder liners. The micro-textured surface is 60% harder than steel and significantly lighter, contributing to increased displacement without increasing the size of the powerhead. The resulting surface also increases fuel economy by decreasing internal friction.

The new V8 XTO Offshore outboard also features 2 thermostats per cylinder bank for improved flow and better regulation of engine and oil temperature.

The XTO Offshore has integrated electric steering, the first of its kind in any outboard. The integrated steering system has no hydraulic lines or linkages, and responds more quickly than conventional systems to steering inputs. In addition, integrated electric steering means reduced power consumption, clean rigging, and an orderly bilge area.

The outboard also features an Integral Electronic Steering Control Unit that receives signals from the steering cylinder position sensor to carry out joystick and steering operation. Functions integrated into the electric steering system on the XTO Offshore outboards include joystick calibration, lever sensor, toe-in/out adjust, joystick thrust, lock to lock, and steering friction set.

Boats powered by the V8 XTO Offshore need go no further than the dock for lower-unit service, thanks to a unique gearcase lubricant exchange system that allows fluid changes in the water.


For more information, visit the Yamaha Outboards website.