Z-Man DoormatadorZ

Z-Man’s new six-inch DoormatadorZ is an ideal soft-plastic trailer for flounder, black sea bass, and other fish attracted to the action of a twist tail.

This “super grub” bait features curl-tail action, and can be paired with a bucktail, plain jig, plain hook, or any bottom or double rig.

In addition, the DoormatadorZ comes pre-packaged with an infusion of natural Pro-Cure Flounder Pounder Super Gel scent, made from fresh baitfish, amino acids and bite stimulants. The DoormatadorZ body soaks up oil-based scents like a sponge, allowing it to exude fish-attractant for numerous casts. Further, the ElaZtech body is more durable than many other soft-plastics, and keeps the bait and its active tail aloft, presenting a highly visible target.

Available in eight high-vis colors.


Price: $4.99 (3-pack)