Daytrip Destination: Weepecket Islands, Massachusetts

Weepeket Island, Photo by Sailing Buzzards Bay Blog by Frank Gerry.
Weepecket Island, Photo by Sailing Buzzards Bay Blog by Frank Gerry.

If you’re a Buzzards Bay boater, and the wind is right, consider a daytrip to the Weepecket Islands, just north of Naushon
Island in the Elizabeth Islands chain.

Chart of the islands.
Chart of the islands.

The Weepeckets comprise 3 rocky islets, the largest of which features a lovely fine-sand beach with deep water bordering its eastern shore. Depending on the size and draft of your vessel, you can either nose your bow onto the sand or anchor just offshore and dinghy or swim ashore.

Chart of Weepeckets.
Chart of Weepeckets.

Small-boaters from northern parts of Buzzards Bay should time their Weepecket trips so that they can cruise south in the morning, before the afternoon southwesterlies howl. When it begins to blow 20 in the afternoon, you can surf your way home.

The only drawback to the island is that it serves as a seagull and cormorant rookery, which means that it can be quite, well, aromatic when the wind is wrong. There’s also a plethora of gull bones scattered about, so don’t be surprised if your 4-year-old surprises you with a bleached bird skull in hand (been there, done that). Kids will love the adventure of visiting the Weepeckets, which seem right out of a pirate book.



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