Fishing In New England

  • Spring Tautog Tips

    Once the dandelions start to pop up on the lawns of Southern New England, savvy bottom fishermen reach for their tautog gear. Tautog, also k...

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  • Smelt Fishing 101

    Smelt. The name is not exactly inspiring of angling greatness, but there’s much to be said for these slender, shiny fish. Text & Photo...

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Fishing News

  • 2020 Recreational GOM Cod & Haddock Rules

    A reminder that anglers must abide by new rules in 2020 pertaining to the recreational cod fishery in the Gulf of Maine (GOM). This year, th...

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  • 2020 Tautog Seasons & Regulations

    The recreational tautog (blackfish) season opens April 1 in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The minimum size for all three st...

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Fishing Reports

  • New England Fishing Report: Berkshires Variety Fishing

    The crew of New England Fishing TV just wrapped up a very fun and successful day of fishing in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts with ...

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  • New England Fishing Roundup: 10.3.14

    Our weekly roundup of local fishing action from Maine to Connecticut. Maine Ken at Saco Bay Tackle noted that there are still bass around in...

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New Gear

  • Daiwa Zillion 10.0 Baitcaster

    The new Zillion 10.0 baitcaster offers remarkably quick line pick-up—ideal for pulling uncooperative fish away from structure and cover. T...

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  • St. Croix Imperial Salt Fly Rods

    The new Imperial Salt Fy Rods from St. Croix are available in six versatile 7- through 12-weight models. The nine-foot, four-piece fly rod...

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Fishing Videos

  • Trout Time!

    Fisheries managers in all New England states have been busy stocking select waterbodies with trout in time for the spring fishing season. In...

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  • Video: Live-Bait Bluefishing 101

    When massive schools of menhaden (aka, bunker, pogies) gather inshore, there’s a good bet that big blues will follow. The blues, which...

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How To

  • Using a Bottom-Fishing Marker Buoy

    If you like to fish for tautog, scup, and sea bass over wrecks and rockpiles, you know that pinpoint positioning—whether on the edges of t...

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  • Tips for Better Tasting Fish

    If you enjoy eating the fish you catch, here are some simple tips to keep in mind this season. With many species (especially tuna and bluefi...

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Cooking Your Catch

  • Video: Easy Hard-Water Fish Fry

    Here’s a six-step formula for preparing fresh-caught trout taken through the ice. All you need is the following: frying pan cast-iron ...

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  • Sweet & Spicy Calamari

    One of the best calamari dishes we’ve sampled in our travels is the Spicy Asian version served at former Surf Hotel on Block Island. The ...

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