Fishing In New England

  • Ice-Fishing Safety Tips

    Before venturing onto the frozen lakes and ponds of New England this winter, follow these important safety tips: In general, a clear layer ...

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  • Fishing Legends: Hal Lyman

    Many fisher folk like to think saltwater fly fishing was born in the 1990s, but pioneers such as Hal Lyman were practicing it long before it...

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Fishing News

  • Fishing Legends: Frank Woolner & Curt Gowdy

    In this photo, circa early 1970s, two giants of the sport fishing world take a low-tide break on a Cape Cod strand to discuss the merits of ...

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  • Maine Dams Under Scrutiny After Fish Die-Offs

    Portland Press Herald: The federal government is recommending improvements to two dams on a Maine river to try to cut down fish die-offs and...

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Fishing Reports

  • New England Fishing Report: Berkshires Variety Fishing

    The crew of New England Fishing TV just wrapped up a very fun and successful day of fishing in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts with ...

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  • New England Fishing Roundup: 10.3.14

    Our weekly roundup of local fishing action from Maine to Connecticut. Maine Ken at Saco Bay Tackle noted that there are still bass around in...

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New Gear

  • Simrad RS40 VHF

    Simrad’s upgraded RS40 VHF features a sleek design with wireless handset capability, removable fist microphone, Class D DSC functionality ...

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  • LiveTarget Skip Shad

    The new LiveTarget Skip Shad is designed to mimic flat-sided baitfish such as juvenile shad, herring, menhaden, and even young-of-the-year s...

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Fishing Videos

  • Building a Breakaway Anchor System

    When it comes to precision anchoring for trophy blackfish (tautog), Capt. Chris Landry doesn’t mess around! Landry, who fishes the waters ...

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  • Video: Tautog Tips & Tackle

    The arrival of fall brings ‘tog to the inshore rock piles, wrecks and other structure of southern New England, providing anglers with a f...

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How To

  • Bunker Spoons for Bass

    It’s well known that striped bass will eat anything they can fit inside their capacious mouths—and occasionally things that don’t fit....

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  • How NOT to Lose a Fish

    Everyone makes mistakes, but fishermen seem especially adept at granting a hooked fish its premature freedom. Here are 10 simple ways to avo...

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Cooking Your Catch

  • Catch It & Cook It: Ultimate Fish Tacos

      Doug and Jennifer Ramler own and operate the popular Salt Block Food Truck and the Sea Grille restaurant on Cape Cod, and one of thei...

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  • Boom North Carolina Clam Chowder

    Keep warm with this unique take on traditional creamy New England clam chowder, courtesy of Will Gest of Boom Restaurant at Pilots Point Mar...

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