Photos/New England Boating, Tom Richardson.

While Blakeman’s isn’t exactly a dock-and-dine option, it makes a great refueling stop for kayakers who wish to explore the shallows of Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts. Paddlers can launch and park in the lot at the western end of the Powder Point Bridge, although be forewarned that the lot fills up fast, especially on weekends. From here you can easily carry, wheel or drag a kayak down to the water.

SAT map, Duxbury Bay.

Once afloat, you can head east into Duxbury Bay, or west into the Back River marshes. Plan your Back River trips around the tide, as much of the waterway is dry at dead low. In other words, try to follow the rising tide as you paddle deeper into the river, then return on the dropping. The Back River is best paddled early and late in the season to avoid the greenhead flies that populate the marshes.

On your return, consider beaching your craft on the east side of the river, behind Duxbury Beach. Here you’ll find the low, red building that houses Blakeman’s, a seasonal eatery that serves burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese, PB&J, grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, French fries, onion rings, clam chowder, slush, ice cream and soda. In the evening, Blakeman’s also serves fish-and-chips and fried clams.

Blakeman’s is open Memorial Day through Labor Day, 7 days a week. It can also be reached by car.

For information on Duxbury Beach Park, CLICK HERE.