Sippewisset Beach, Buzzards Bay

Photo by Tom Richardson

When it comes to kid-friendly boating spots in Buzzards Bay, Sippewisset Beach (also known as Black Beach) at the mouth of Great Sippewisset Creek in West Falmouth, certainly fills the bill. The white-sand beach that borders the shore here extends from either side of the creek mouth, and is a popular spot among local boaters, especially on weekends.

The warm, shallow water along the beach is perfect for swimming, but it’s the creek that makes this place so special. On a high tide, you can explore deep into the marshes with a kayak or SUP. As the tide drops, you can “ride” the current as it flows out of the creek to Buzzards Bay. Bring a snorkel mask, as you can see all sorts of marine life in the creek as you float along, including schoolie striped bass in the deeper “holes”. Low tide is a great time to wade around the creek, looking for blue crabs and other critters.

Note of caution: Boaters should approach the beach carefully, as there are some nasty rocks that lurk between the shore and Great Sippewisset Rock (marked by a daymarker). Also, be mindful of the depth as the tide drops. Small skiffs can usually anchor within wading distance of the shore, but may have to re-anchor due to tide changes or wind shifts.

Since Sippewisset faces west, it is exposed to the prevailing southwesterlies that blow up on summer afternoons, so make note of this if you need to cross the bay to get home. The place is ideal in a light easterly breeze.

Photo by Tom Richardson

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